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It is a "Made in Italy" brand that takes inspiration from Neapolitan sartorial culture, blending tradition and modernity. 

In fact, our constant commitment is to make sartorial quality accessible to everyone, this is our core business.

The idea was born from a personal need of mine, as by dressing solely in tailoring I decided to create my own line, making it possible for those who wanted get closer to the Neapolitan sartorial culture, thanks to the extremely high quality-price ratio.

Either you are a work of art or you wear it, wrote Oscar Wilde.

The “Neapolitan Style” reigns supreme: double-breasted and single-breasted suits with wide lapels, jackets with hollow shoulders, light, with soft details, so much so that I can fold them several times.

The experience derives from my character inclinations: curiosity and constant desire to experimentation for example with the combination of elegant fabrics with sneakers, which over time became a cult.

The inclusion of my daughters, first Ludovica and then Francesca in the company, was a turning point, which opened the doors to the women's and the women's collection.

As often happens, children follow in their parents' footsteps.

In fact today, the development and evolution of Blu Studio is in their hands.

The real challenge comes from the love and continuous research of fabrics, with the aim of making them more and more fascinating.

The collections contain perfumed fragrances that bring back memories the smell of the Mediterranean Sea, which particularly embellishes the pure linen line. The essence of southern suggestions and the maximum distinctive exclusivity of style are dominant.

The Blu Studio collections dress a woman who does not give up elegance and sex appeal, with a style with a masculine edge, which questions the norms of genre.

Like Coco Chanel left everyone speechless with her audacity, elegance and refinement by dressing in a dandy/sporty style, completely abandoning the residue of the opulence of the Belle Epoque, our goal is to help you amaze and overturn the game rules. To do this we were inspired by the style of Polo Ralph Lauren, but preserving the identity origins of Blu Studio: the Neapolitan sartorial culture!

Come and visit us in one of our stores and you will feel: that my home is also yours, the warmth of people who work with passion, like a big family.

We intend to do the same thing online, to be a big family.

Blu Studio becomes a real sensorial experience in the stores. Intertwining of beauty, history, perfume, passion and family.

There are eight points of sale, one of these is an entirely vintage concept store and now our e-shop welcomes you 24 hours a day.

Vintage accessories: bags and hats, made with the same fabrics and leather as jackets and dresses. A bit like our ancestors combined the "coppola" with the dress, the details make the difference and waste is avoided by also paying attention to the environment.

We look to the future with an ever attentive eye on the past.

We intend to continue to preserve traditions and anticipate the evolutions of fashion, thinking about collections even for the little ones. From 12 to 16 years.

Everything comes from vintage, because fashion is cyclical, it always comes back and for us it means guaranteeing an iconic and timeless style.